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Air Grid Technology

Air Grid Technology

The Bee Comfort mattress consists of 6 layers; propolis fabric, air grid (thermoplastic elastomers), foam 1.3 lb, foam 1.5 lb, foam 1.5 lb, and foam 1.9 lb.

The unique components of the Bee Comfort Mattress:

1. Propolis Fabric

The propolis fabric made with propolis and natural multivitamins boosts sleep quality and provides long term health benefits. Propolis is a honey-related product with reported health benefits including improved immunity, lower blood pressure and treated allergies. Propolis increases body resistance against diseases by stimulating the immune system. The main features are antiseptic (antimicrobial), antimycotic (against fungi), bacteriostatic (stopping bacteria growth), spasmolytic (muscle relaxant), anti-inflammatory, anesthetic (nerve-reducing), and antioxidant (inhibiting oxidation or degradation in molecules). Propolis has increasingly gained popularity today. In recent years, studies have shown propolis’s contribution to human health through its antioxidative effects. Due to this effect, it is most commonly used as a food supplement or in the field of cosmetics. Since the pandemic, propolis has been added to a multitude of other products including fabric and bedding.

2. Air Grid Support

The Air grid design creates comfort and maintains support and while evenly distributing body weight. The 2 cm of elastic gel grid is designed to deliver the most beneficial sleep experience. The air grid tops the layers of foam and reduces points of pressure by molding to the body in response to weight. The response to weight is immediate as the elastic gel returns to its original shape when pressure is released. The air grid is temperature optimal and balances temperature for all seasons. The combination of multiple layers of foam that provide support and firmness. The foam frame follows the perimeter of the mattress and is responsible for providing support and firmness.

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